April Newsletter – jobs fair in West Sussex, ESOL coffee meetings and Brixton Creative Works meet up! Take a read…

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Get Set UK had a very productive and busy March. All of our teams worked together to provide a professional and high-quality service to people looking to start a new chapter in their lives. It’s amazing to see how everyone works hard to support our participants and find new opportunities for them, whether it’s a training course, an event, or, more often than not, a new job. We are proud to say that we assisted over 200 people in starting new jobs and new lives.

We also had the opportunity to speak with many people, employers, and other organisations while attending industry events and job fairs.

We are confident that the coming months will bring even more successes and wonderful surprises for our team members and customers.

Get Set UK at Sussex Jobs, Careers and Wellbeing fair

Our NCS Crawley team attended the Sussex Jobs, Careers, and Wellbeing fair in Burgess Hill on Friday, March 10th, which was hosted by Mid Sussex MP Mims Davies.

It was a wonderful opportunity to present our solutions, speak with many people looking for new opportunities, and meet with other exhibitors and partners.


A great place to start a successful career and gain life-changing experience? Get Set UK

Get Set UK is the ideal place to begin a career, expand your knowledge, and meet a variety of people who will positively impact your life.

Discover our colleague Leeban Abdulle’s journey from joining as a Kickstarter in 2021 to becoming an important asset to the Quality and Compliance team and the entire organisation.

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Work hard to overcome your challenges and you will succeed

Alison, a 53-year-old woman from Crawley, joined the Restart Scheme in June 2022. She had a few barriers that were preventing her from working, the main one being that she had caring responsibilities and could only work for a certain number of hours and in certain roles.

With our professional and high-quality support, she now has two part-time jobs and is very happy.

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Develop your skills while working for us: Information, Advice, and Guidance – Level 3 Award

We recently partnered with Ixion Holdings to provide our employees with the Information, Advice, and Guidance – Level 3 Award.

A few Get Setters have already completed the course, and we asked two of them, Paul and Gifty, to share their thoughts on it and explain why it would be beneficial to all of our employees.

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ESOL Coffee Meetings

This month, our Walthamstow team began ESOL Coffee meetings for Restart Scheme participants.

The primary objective of these meetings is to improve their conversational English, boost their confidence and motivation, and ultimately prepare them to return to work.

Carolyn Jackson, one of our managers, organised the event, and the participants discussed various daily topics such as travel, shopping, previous jobs, home countries, and even food. Carolyn assisted them with their English language needs, corrected any poor communication, checked on their understanding, and asked them at the end of the session what they had learned. Excellent work!


Great success for the Single Parents Project

We recently launched a new project in partnership with Transform and Achieve to assist single parents find sustainable work that will allow them to balance work and family life. We ran seven daily sessions for people in Walthamstow who are part of the Restart Scheme and the Work and Health programme.

The participants received useful advice on how to identify their strengths and match them to different types of work; how to stay motivated and use the resources available to manage childcare; and what they can do to find new job opportunities, particularly those in the ‘hidden job market.’

Following the group sessions, our participant single parents are now receiving one-to-one support to maximise what they have learned and understand what they can do. We have planned some more personalised activities based on individual circumstances, as well as provided practical financial advice to help them find affordable childcare and take the next step into work.

The primary goal of this new project is to facilitate all single parents who want to work but are unable to do so, and to assist them in overcoming the practical barriers that prevent them from entering the labour market and creating a better life.


Brixton Creative Works Meet Up

On Wednesday 29th March our Brixton Creative Works team hosted in our Kennington office an informal Meet Up for creative freelancers and business owners in Lambeth.

James West, resident business advisor, and Cassine Bering, Intellectual Property Lawyer at Briffa, provided excellent guidance and advice to participants on intellectual property protection and overcoming networking anxiety.

Everyone who came had a good time, asked many questions, and met other creative people.

We’d like to thank James, Cassine, and the other programme participants who attended the meet up, as well as the BCW team for organising such a wonderful event.