Hope is the last thing ever lost

Thanks to our help and support, this JETS programme participant with a difficult family and work situation is gradually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Programme: JETS

Advisor: Charlene



When the customer joined the JETS programme in June 2022, he had been unemployed since September 2018. He used to work as a master fitter/car mechanic at a Kwik Fit garage in Bromley, but he had to leave due to childcare responsibilities. His situation was difficult because he was a single parent and his partner was depressed and had left the house. He was living in temporary accommodation with his three-year-old daughter.



The participant desired to work in the hospitality, plumbing, and electrical trades, as well as in customer service. He stated numerous times that it had been difficult for him to find work because his daughter went to nursery and he had to drop her off at 8:30 a.m. and pick her up around 11.30 a.m. Because of this situation, he did not have enough time to work unless it was an admin job or a remote job, but he had no experience in those sectors. He had applied for jobs online but had received no responses. Our colleague Charlene then decided to speak with the customer about part-time job opportunities as a lunchtime assistant during school hours. The customer was invited to a workshop for the lunchtime assistant positions and was eager to apply. He asked our team for assistance in applying for a DBS because this is something that everyone in schools needs before starting work and he didn’t know how to apply for it.



The participant is very pleased with the assistance he has received, and once his daughter starts school in September, he will begin his part-time job.