Short success story – Restart Scheme

Discover how our Tutor assisted one of our Restart Scheme participants in improving her job search skills.


Programme: Restart Scheme

Tutor: Mark


The participant began applying for jobs at colleges and universities, but she was having difficulty writing the supporting statements on the application forms. Mark, our tutor, began working with her to look for open positions at colleges and universities and assist her in applying. They went to the Morley College website because she expressed an interest in working there, and they discovered a vacancy for an Events Officer (Student Recruitment). They avoided the open job market, where over 1,000 applicants could submit their CVs.

Mark and the participant both checked that she met all of the essential criteria for the role of Events Officer, which she did, and then our colleague assisted her in beginning to write the sections of her Supporting Statement so that she could move forward to complete the rest of the supporting statement on her own. Our client’s confidence has grown exponentially, as have her skills. We are convinced that with more practice accessing the hidden job market and knowing how to fill out the supporting statement section of an application form, the participant will find work soon.



“My job search has now become much more positive and I’m confident I will be able to find a job I enjoy, apply for it, get an interview, and get that job offer.” – The participant