The JETS programme gives you the boost you need to get back in to work

Discover how we helped and inspired one of our participants who had lost his job due to the pandemic.


Programme: JETS



The participant had been unemployed for almost one year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He had been actively looking for work, however, he was unable to find employment. He was very anxious when he joined the JETS programme because he had been out of work for a long time and his confidence had suffered as a result.



The Employment Advisor ensured to check his mental wellbeing and other areas of support he may require during every telephone appointment. This made the participant feel safe and listened to. She also provided support to him financially, as she reimbursed him for his interview clothing. The advisor gained the client’s trust and also boosted his self confidence by doing interview preparation and a lot of other activities.



As a result of all the support the client received during his time on the JETS Programme, he progressed into work and is currently working for Travelodge. We also gave him a £60 Amazon voucher to help him buy some necessary items for his job. He was then referred to his In-Work Support Advisor, who has been following up with him every 10 days to ensure he is doing well at work.



“I have been unemployed for a very long time and have been suffering from various health complications. I then joined Job Seekers, who then referred me to the JETS Programme to support me further. Before joining the programme, I was very hopeless, as I have large gaps within my employment history. I was introduced to my Employment Advisor and she immediately went into action in trying to find a suitable job for myself in accordance with my job goals, as well as keeping in mind my concerns about my health. She gave me confidence during our telephone appointments by providing support as well as emailing me vacancies. During our second telephone appointment, my advisor discussed a Travelodge vacancy with me, which I was interested in.

Therefore, she put me forward for the workshop and ensured to prep me daily before the workshop took place, as I had not attended an interview in a very long time. I was successful in that workshop, so I was put forward for an interview with Travelodge. Prior to attending interview, my employment advisor ensured to call me daily and prepare me for my interview. I attended the interview, which I was successful for. She was extremely supportive and helped me pay for my interview clothes. My Employment Advisor is always there for guidance, always checking up on me despite now being at work. I know I can rely on her and reach out to her at any given time, and she will answer the call.” – The participant