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Learn how a four-day course helped a single parent gain confidence in order to re-enter the job market.


Programme: Fast Track to Employment Training

Employability Tutor: Mark



The client was a single parent and housewife who had been out of work for a long time when she enrolled in the Fast Track to Employment  Course. She had low self-esteem and expectations for a variety of reasons. After speaking with her, our employability tutor Mark immediately recognised that the participant needed to work on her self-confidence as well as recall past work achievements.



The customer attended all four days of the Fast Track to Employment training and engaged well in all the different course units:

    • Welcome and introduction
    • Recognising barriers and overcoming them
    • Understand Video conferencing (How to do an interview online)
    • Create a CV and covering letter that gets you an interview
    • Recognise your skills and personal qualities
    • Learn how you can transfer your skills into a new career
    • Know what the hidden job market is and how to access it
    • Learn simple interview techniques that improve your chances of a job offer
    • Practice a mock interview and get feedback
    • Plan your next steps

She found the ‘Looking at and dissolving barriers’ session to be very beneficial to her. During the course, she received a lot of peer support from other students. The client was also introduced to Lawrence, one of our Employability Advisors, and we noticed that she was very happy and suddenly appeared more confident. Throughout the four days of training, our tutor met with her one-on-one to provide her with useful advice and tips. They talked about her CV, and our expert gave her advice on how to implement it and make it more appealing to employers.



At the end of the four days, the participant was delighted and stated that the course had had a significant impact on her.



“Thank you very much for your time and help given to me during the Fast Track to Employment Course. Your dedication and coaching style was fantastic. You went above and beyond to make sure that I went away with a sense of knowing that I could achieve more than my expectations in getting back to work. I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking the time to see me and work with me on my CV. Not just that, but you went out of your way to speak to Lawrence on my behalf about the Tesco job. Your contributions have made a huge impact on my confidence, which was not that great prior to the course, considering my prolonged absence from the work environment.” – The Participant