When someone requires assistance, Get Set UK is there to assist

The customer had lost his confidence and was unable to gain employment. We were there to help him find a new direction in life.


Programme: JETS

Advisor: Krishma



The participant had been unemployed for a long time and had lost all confidence in himself. He was having a hard time finding new employment and needed support in understanding his skills and abilities as well as rebuilding his self-confidence.



Our advisor developed an action plan for the participant and began assisting him in creating his CV and tailoring it to various job openings. They attempted to comprehend his previous experiences, future expectations, and transferable skills.During the various meetings, we helped him gain confidence by encouraging and supporting him with useful tips, interview techniques, and personalised advice.
With our guidance, the client began applying for a variety of positions in which he felt he could use his skills, boost his self-confidence, and gain hope for the future.


Thanks to Krishma’s assistance and advice, the customer was able to obtain some interviews and was successful. He started working shortly after the selection process was completed.



We recently contacted the participant to see if he was satisfied with his new position and if there was anything else we could do for him. The client stated that he was enjoying his new role.
He expressed gratitude for all of the assistance and activities that helped him gain confidence, motivation, and an understanding of his future goals.