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We had a very productive January at Get Set UK. We started the new year with a lot of exciting projects, a lot of energy, and we helped 266 people find new jobs. We are still absolutely amazed by the incredible numbers of 2022, with over 10,000 people supported across our employment, education, and health services, and thousands of people assisted in gaining sustainable employment.

This year, we hope to do even better and support many more people in gaining a new opportunity and beginning a new life, as well as providing them with the chance to learn something new and improve their health.


New chance, positive change

On January 19th, we held a ‘Positive Change’ Job Fair at our Kennington headquarters. It was a huge success, and it was wonderful to see so many participants meeting employers and partners and discussing new career opportunities. We are very proud to say that on that day, 26 new jobs in various sectors were created, and over 100 people expressed interest in one of our courses.

Thank you to everyone who came out for this fantastic event, and congratulations to everyone on our team, especially Rikash Mavadia, who organised it.


Challenge your limits and never miss an opportunity

Harvey is a young man from South Croydon who started an apprenticeship with Get Set UK in October 2022. He previously worked part-time in retail, but because he studied business studies as one of his GCSEs, he wanted to work in a more business/admin environment and was aware that retail/customer service was not something he wanted to progress in.

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Short Success Story – Restart Scheme

As part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand and visual identity, we introduced our new Get Set UK logo in December. We have modified our logo slightly to reflect some changes and to represent our dynamic future and new goals. We now have one main logo version and two abbreviated versions that you will see online and offline. We kept the GS identity’s core colours while emphasising our UK roots and base more.

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Level 3 Free Courses for Jobs 

We are delighted to announce that TheLightBulb, Get Set UK’s skills division, has been allocated Free Courses for Jobs (FCFJ) funds to start 20 learners on First Level 3 qualifications in the East of England. The potential learners need to be aged 24+ and not already have a full Level 3 qualification, as well as meeting any additional criteria we can discuss with them. To support priority sectors in this region, we will be offering courses for those in the Education Sector and cross sector for those who want to upskill their digital skills.

The two programmes are an IT for Users qualification and a Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification.

We are looking primarily for employed learners or learners with an existing work placement who already have a Level 2 education or equivalent and who will be committed to achieving a Level 3. For more information, please contact info@thelightbulb.net


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