Get Set UK Newsletter December 2020

2020 is now behind us! We’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed in our monthly update.

This year has been challenging in ways we could never have anticipated, but we have been blessed with many reasons to feel grateful.

As a team, we have worked hard to strike the right balance in meeting the expectations of the contracts we have been privileged to oversee by our commissioners and at the same time we have continued to be proactive in supporting each other to ensure that the whole Get Set team remain motivated and safe throughout. What a privilege to positively impact the lives of our customers and their families through these difficult times?!

Below are some of the highlights from 2020 as mentioned by our COO – Jaies:

  1. Employability Contracts: G4S Contracts, Work & Health Contracts, JETS Contracts leading the way for Performance in their package area and all receiving positive reviews and commendation from Primes for the positive work taking place
  2. New Business Successes:
    • National Contract DWP / Maximus Work & Health East London commencement
    • National Contract DWP / Maximus JETS East London commencement
    • National Contract DWP / Ingeus JETS Central London commencement
    • National Contract DWP / REED Work routes
    • Extension and growth on Barnet ‘Working Well’
    • Growth of ‘Journey to Work’ provision
    • Lambeth Recruitment Service support Lambeth Business
    • Lambeth Rapid Response to COVID commencement
    • Lambeth Adult learning Employability support
    • Lambeth Adult Learning MHFA
  3. Get Set Team has grown by 40% during 2020
  4. Biggest Provider in London, under Prime organisations to provide Employability related services to the long term unemployed

Fun at Get Set UK

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Helena for organising our Team Xmas Treasure Hunt this year.

Just because we could not be together in person, did not mean we couldn’t be together in some form – a good time was had by all!


The below Awards and trophies were achieved in 2020 as part of our end of year celebration.

Fastest mobilisation Contract – Skills Division

Support Service of the Year – Compliance Team

Most Innovative Contract – Working Well Service

Embracing the Get Set Way – Agas

Most Developed EA – Yasmin

Employment Advisor of the Year 3rd place – Jennifer

Employment Advisor of the Year 2nd place – Fatmata

Employment Advisor of the Year 1st place – Intisaar

Improved Contract of the Year – Work Health Programme East

Contract of the Year – Families Central


By Christmas Eve, Get Set UK had the joyful pleasure of successfully delivering 450 Christmas goodies to Children and Young People across 15 London Boroughs and outside London.

2020 has caused additional stress and anxiety for most part of the year. Therefore if this small gesture can put a smile on a child’s face, and take away a small percentage of pain and stress from parents/carers, then why the hell not!!

A huge thank you to all the partners for connecting Get Set UK with the wonderful children and their families.

Christmas JOB-A-THON

On Christmas Eve we were filled with extreme happiness as we achieved our milestone of supporting 200 customers into paid employment for Christmas.

We continuously inspire our customers through our dedication, one-on-one mentoring, and “can do” attitude. The Team’s efforts have been invaluable in achieving our milestones.

Well done EVERYONE – Incredibly proud of what we have achieved and the impact to hundreds of lives and their families.

Thank you to all of the Get Set team, our Customers, Suppliers and Supporters for your support during 2020.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2021!