Get Set UK Newsletter February 2021

As February 2021 draws to a close, we are proud to reflect on the work that has taken place thus far this year by our Employment Advisors, Employer Engagement Team, and other front-line staff. In February 2021 we supported 104 customers into paid employment, and this took our total well above the 200+ mark year to date. This is an extraordinary foot considering we are still facing huge challenges of working remotely but also with many sectors still closed.

We have had some great performances in February:

  • The JETS contracts supporting 36 customers into work and notably Leanna achieving 9 job starts herself.
  • Work & Health Contracts both leading the way in National league tables.
  • LAL Skills Team onboarding over 50 Learners in month
  • Saloni, one of our relatively newer recruits is beginning to make huge strides on the South London Families contract and achieving strong job and programme start numbers.

We want to thank you all our members for their hard work and how resilient the Team at Get Set UK has been over the past few months.

The results above are amazing and the work done is really making a difference to our customers and their families on our many Employment & Skills Programmes.

Employee of the month: Sailesh Seepaul

Sailesh has joined Get Set UK five months ago as Operations Manager for our JETS programme. He has demonstrated great leadership skills by effectively managing the team’s caseloads, diving performance, and ensuring that the mental health and wellbeing of the Get Set UK employees is a priority.

Learn from the best! Here’s a tip from Sailesh on how to increase your chances of finding a job.

When applying for a job, ensure that your CV is updated on all main job sites every fortnight, run your CV through CV tools to make it friendly for both humans and machines and seek support. There is plenty of support out there and sometimes the small changes make a big difference

Top achievements

  • WHP East London for Maximus achieved 183% profile target
  • Central WHP for Ingeus achieved 130% of profile target
  • JETS CENTRAL for Ingeus achieved 100% profile target
  • JETS EAST for Maximus achieved 100% profile target
  • Work Routes for REED achieved 100% profile target

Testimonials from our customers

Rosemary is a good listener, a person who is good with her communication skills, who knows her job role and above all she us a very good and trustworthy individual. When Rosemary contacted me, I wasn’t mentally prepared for starting to work as I had a lot more important things on the list especially schools places. She didn’t put any pressure on me but gave me a guidance of the steps and options I have. I started one step at a time which gave me time and encouragement to look forward for the better prospects. She referred me to National Career Services who then created  my profile updated my CV and wished me luck for future. I started from scratch to what I am today so I believe if you have confidence in yourself nothing can stop you from moving forward and I am extremely lucky to have a amazing people who make me feel important and gave me that sense of confidence and keep my morale up.
This is the least I could do as you (Rosemary) deserve a lot more than just words comparatively what you did for me and my children I just cannot thank you
enough for that”.


The JETS programme has helped me in many ways, one way that I have been helped is the way I have been motivated to find work. I appreciate the application support and attending the workshops. I also thank you for helping me update myCV. I am very happy to have found a place where they motivate and have a lot of different job positions and opportunities. I am waiting for the NHS to get back to me with how my references went and when I start work with them”.

Human Resources Development

In line with the global social-economic trends Get Set UK has shifted the learning strategy and adopted a more flexible and digital approach to staff professional development. With the help of our Learning Management System, we transformed our learning experience and improved the quality of development by focusing on our staff needs and by creating a solid and consistent approach to organisational development. 

Wellbeing & Mental Health

Get Set UK prioritises mental health and wellbeing education. In February, our employees attended the workshop ‘Wellbeing in Challenging Times’. We are now confident to apply effective wellbeing strategies and to create the life-work balance that we all need during COVID-19 pandemic.