Get Set UK Newsletter March 2020

There is no denying that this month has been a unique one, however I am pleased to say that as we all navigate through this as best we can, Get Set UK continue their purpose of getting people into employment at any opportunity possible.

This month we had a request for urgent Ambulance Cleaners. We are pleased to share with you a positive example of Rapid Reponses provided by Get Set UK to both customer and employer over the weekend.

Oscar is one of many customers who is still eager to find employment in the current climate. We discussed the Ambulance Cleaner opportunity and carried out a telephone workshop to ensure Oscar was aware of the expectations and benefits for the role. The following day a remote interview was arranged over video call. During the interview – Oscar even got the opportunity to see the work station he would be expected to attend if he got the job!

We were over the moon to hear that Oscar was successful in his remote interview and was offered the job. Oscar started his paid training this month! Congrats Oscar from all at Get Set UK.


London Care Workshop

Prior to the lockdown we held the London Care Workshop. The employer was happy with the service provided in January and came back to Aneta with the view to support London Care across Lambeth and Southwark. Aneta held fun interactive workshop to simulate the interest in the care industry. This worked as more customers came forward to work in the Care sector.

During this crisis, we are so proud to say that Get Set UK have really stepped up as a Team to support each other but also our customers and suppliers – each and every team member is giving their best. Well done on a productive month during March.

One key thing for all of us this month particularly, was to stay connected. We are doing this through a Company App which acts as an Employee Assistance Programme. This includes nutritional tips, recipes, exercise videos etc to keep us all fit and healthy in body and mind. When we are looking after ourselves, we can look after others too!

We would like to share this good news story with you about an OW customer who failed the maths test with London Care two weeks ago. Aneta liaised with the employer and asked if the candidate could be re-interviewed and re-sit the test. The employer agreed. Aneta had a conversation with the candidate prior to his interview and provided him with some links to online English and Maths tests for care roles so he could be better prepared second time around. Looks like this was useful because he called Aneta later that day to say that he was successful. He was very pleased and thanked Aneta for the encouragement he felt that Aneta gave him. The employer was impressed at the candidate’s resilience and persistence.

Despite having to adapt quickly to new ways of working, we managed to secure 51 new jobs for our candidates this month! Well done team and huge well done to those new employees for securing new jobs!


Here are a few key strategic business highlights we’d like to share:

  1. Successful in Camden Journey To Work – Older Workers Contract. This will see Get Set UK double our 2020 Profiles for the existing OW Contract.
  2. Successful in Securing East London Work & Health Contract – April 2020 – August 2024, Entering New London Boroughs: Barking, Redbridge, Waltham Forest.
  3. We are now officially a London Living Wage Employer.

We are pleased to say that due to the successes mentioned, April will see our Get Set UK Team grow by a whopping 11 new staff members. It may be some weeks before everyone gets to fully acquaint however I am sure the growing Team will make Get Set UK even stronger and allow us to continue to support and enhance our communities.

Employee of the month

Finishing on a high this month, please join us in congratulating our Employees of the month for March, Siobhan and Philip.

Siobhan’s dedication in West London has been incredible, delivering the strongest month to date against JOBS, and building an exciting pipeline for April.

Philip’s activities have been excellent again and continues to lead J2W contract to have another strong month!