Digital Trainer (Coding & Web Development)

Job Category: Tutor
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Basildon / Hybrid
Salary: £32000 - £35000

As a forward-thinking organisation, we prioritise the growth and development of our staff. With an emphasis on consistent performance and comprehensive training and mentorship, we empower our team members to achieve their full potential and take their careers to new heights. Join us today to see the benefits of our unparalleled commitment to your success!

Job Purpose as a Digital Trainer:

  • Manage a caseload of digital learners ensuring regular, appropriate, and sufficient progress is made, aligned to their learning plan and targets, leading to the timely completion of their qualification.
  • Support and train learners in the broader development of their skills and knowledge to enable them to meet their aspirations and fulfil their potential through group workshops and one-to-one sessions.
  • Take responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of allocated learners.
  • Ensure that a quality learning journey is delivered to all learners meeting the requirements of the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework.
  • Demonstrate professional integrity in ensuring that TheLightBulb and other relevant stakeholders’ quality assurance and compliance procedures are adhered to.

Key Responsibilities as a Digital Trainer:

Teaching Learning & Assessment:

  • Manage a group of approximately 50 learners and conduct robust initial assessments and skills scans using tools like Forskills for effective learner placement.
  • Collaboratively plan and record individual learning plans based on initial assessments, diagnostics, and employer input.
  • Utilize ILP, curriculum plans, and delivery models for a sequenced learning program.
  • Ability to conduct online and face-to-face workshops and one-to-one sessions to support learners in skill development and qualification achievement. Use the Assessment Visit Record for visit reports.
  • Ensure that learner reviews are aligned with organisational strategy and objectives.
  • Effectively maintain efficient record-keeping and learner tracking using provided systems.
  • Efficiently report on agreed targets promptly against deadlines and provide accurate paperwork for all funding streams.
  • Demonstrate effective communication with employers regarding learner progress.
  • Promote plagiarism awareness among learners.
  • Recruit new learners and employers to maintain and enhance personal occupancy levels.
  • Actively participate in caseload review panel meetings and EQA visits.
  • Demonstrate expertise in delivering workshops to non-apprentice cohorts, emphasising Digital skills.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all efforts are taken to ensure a safe working environment for learners.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of health and safety requirements including use of the internet.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of Safeguarding and PREVENT.
  • Promote the Government’s PREVENT Agenda to learners, employers and throughout the organisation.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).
  • Promote and support the wider development and understanding of EDI for learners and employers including British values.

English & Maths:

  • Ensure Functional skills, where applicable, are completed for appropriate learners within planned end dates and to the necessary awarding body criteria.
  • Promote and embed English and maths in training and assessment for all learners regardless of their exemption status.
  • Support learners to build their confidence in the use of maths and English
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to identify additional support needs and deliver suitable interventions.
  • Continually develop own skill levels in maths and English enabling appropriate support to be provided to learners.


  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date training plan/diary at all times including occupational competence for vocational areas.
  • Undertake continuing personal development through attendance and active participation in regular standardisation meetings and development opportunities.
  • Maintain good working relationships with colleagues and other relevant stakeholders. ¡ Adhere to relevant company policies and procedures.
  • To attend internal meetings and where necessary initiate and chair these ensuring minutes are produced, circulated and stored correctly.

Key Skills required for Digital Trainer:

  • Experience in managing a caseload of learners and ensuring their progress aligns with learning plans and targets.
  • Proficiency in delivering effective group workshops and one-to-one sessions for skill development and qualification achievement.
  • Ability to manage approximately 50 learners, conducting robust initial assessments and planning individual learning paths.
  • Skillful use of curriculum plans, and delivery models for a structured learning program.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively engage with employers regarding learner progress.
  • Ability to articulate complex digital concepts to non-apprentice cohorts in workshops

Ideal Candidate:

Essential: Coding & Web Development experience is essential.

  • Proven success in managing learners, achieving targets, and ensuring timely qualification completion.
  • Strong passion for and expertise in Digital Skills.
  • Familiarity with current industry trends and technologies.
  • Motivated, forward-thinking, and dedicated to learner success and career development.


  • Company pension & events
  • Private medical insurance;
  • Wellness programs & Gym membership
  • Employee Forum (Your voice matters, our employees have a say in how we run the business.)

We are a Disability Confident Employer and welcome all applications

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