Plant a seed, and new opportunities will sprout

A young mother lost her job in 2019 and was unable to find a new position due to the pandemic, but with our guidance, she will start her own business next year.


Programme: Restart Scheme

Advisor: Angel



This Restart participant is a very kind and motivated full-time mother who was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. She worked in administration and cleaning before being laid off in 2019. She is very interested in the horticulture industry, has learned how to grow microgreens, and would like to start her own self-employed business. When she first joined the Restart Scheme, she impressed our Crawley team with her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things.



The participant met with her Employment Advisor, Angel, and they discussed her prior experiences, skills, and goals. Among the many obstacles preventing her from becoming self-employed, our colleague identified that the participant did not know how to create a business plan or prepare for her Gateway Meeting, and she did not have any Health and Safety certifications. Our team decided to develop an action plan for the participant in order to help her start her own business. She was referred to Momentic, where she worked hard with a dedicated team to develop a marketing and business development plan, as well as learn about the different types of insurance and food hygiene certifications. Our colleague Anton assisted the participant in locating some training courses that would provide her with the certifications she needed. We provided her with financial assistance to pay for the courses, and she completed her training at the end of September 2022.
After obtaining her certifications, the participant began using Fedcap Hub resources, particularly the Elevator Pitch Builder, to better prepare her pitches to local bars, restaurants, and cafes to support her product sales and business development.



The participant is getting ready for her horticulture exams in February 2023 and hopes to complete her Gateway Meeting before the end of the year. She has also begun branding her company through social media, logos, and advertising. She has actively approached local businesses and several restaurants and cafes have placed orders for the coming year.



The participant expressed her excitement for the future and stated that she is looking forward to launching her business in the new year. She is grateful for the assistance she has received and is aware of additional assistance available to her.