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A Restart Scheme participant was looking for work in the arts and media sector, and with our help and guidance, he was able to find one in just a few weeks.


Programme: Restart Scheme

Advisor: Robert



This participant is a 19-year-old man from East London. He had been unemployed for over two years and had little hope of finding work soon when he joined the Restart Scheme in August 2022. He had lost his confidence and desperately needed assistance in finding a new direction in his life.



During their first meeting, our Employment Advisor, Robert, had a long conversation with the participant to learn more about his current life, previous experiences, capabilities, and future goals. Following this, our colleague conducted a diagnostic assessment to determine his work barriers, as well as a confidence assessment. At the time, the main concern for this young man was his lack of experience in the Art and Digital Media Sector, which he was pursuing. This was a major issue that was affecting his confidence and motivation because he did not believe he could break into this industry with just his degree. The participant and the advisor collaborated to create a detailed plan for the coming months, keeping his job objectives in mind and emphasising his relevant transferable skills, qualities, and education. Our colleague Robert then assisted the customer in creating his CV and cover letter so that he could begin applying for various positions in the Art and Media sector.



After just a couple of weeks on the programme and following our expert’s advice, the participant was invited to an interview with a West End theatre. Our advisor kept motivating him and assisting him in improving his job interview skills, including the use of the STAR technique. Thanks to the fantastic assistance provided by the Employment Advisor, the participant regained his confidence, understood his abilities and transferable skills, and was offered a part-time job after a brilliant interview.
He began his new job in early October after only a few weeks on the programme, and he is pleased with the help and support he received and enjoys his work.



“One of your hardworking and effective employees, Robert, motivated and supported me. With his help, I was able to find a job after being unemployed for around two years. I wanted to express my thanks to Robert for introducing progress into my life. Thank you very much Get Set UK!” – The participant